Mariah Carey Breaks Up with Bryan Tanaka for a ridiculous reason!

Mariah Carey is one of the famous stars, which we are really confused with her love life, because sometimes we do not know with whom she has a relationship, and other times she splits with her relationships. One of this times is know that again the singer had split with her 33 years old, muscular backing dancer Bryan Tanaka So, the fact that she splits again is not so surprising. But this time there is a reason that is really strange.

The rumors say that the famous singer Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka,  of the singer, could not stand each other and said that from the time he left the singer eventually  found peace. The official reason is that the singer  is still in love with her ex-husband Nick Cannon, which she is till jealous of him.

Mariah Carey  went for vacations with Nick Cannon and their twins children, and that was something that Bryan Tanaka could not bear with as he was really in love with her and from that time he said that it’s better for both of them to have separate paths.