Man stabbed his pitbull when the animal attacked his daughter






One-year-old Remmy Goulart was attacked by the family dog. It was a pitbull which attacked the little girl causing serious injuries that put her life at risk. Luckily the little one managed to survive, with her situation on a steady pace. Remmy survived from a certain death thanks to the immediate intervention of her father, who literally stabbed the furious dog.

It all happened just before 9 am in the kitchen of the family home where the little girl was playing. The angry pitbull turned to the child suddenly and caused a serious trauma to her face. Then her father tried to remove the dog by dragging it, without succees.






The police said Reece took a pistol from the next room, but realized it had no bullets. He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began to stab the dog to save his daughter from his teeth, killing it. The little Remmy was immediately taken to the nearest hospital of ​​the area and then transferred by helicopter to Boston hospital.

The victim’s relatives later revealed that Remmy was subjected to three blood transfusions and a night surgery to repair some lesions. Remmy will also have to undergo plastic surgeries in the coming weeks to fully recover. The police said the family had owned the pitbull for five years and had no history of aggression. Nevertheless, it attacked the child without any reason..






An online charity was created and managed to raise $ 22,000 to cover the girl’s hospitalization expenses. The founder of the organization wrote on their website: “This family has gone through a lot and we all have to help to get financial anxiety away from these parents. So they will be able to concentrate on their beautiful baby. ”

Her father, thanked and said: “I have no words. I would die for my little girl. I want to thank you all! I love you all ” Susan Moran, chairman of the Falmouth Board of Directors, praised Father’s “heroic efforts” to save his child.