This man did something amazing after his wife death

When Ivy Davis died of cancer, Kith, her 66-year-old husband, could not withstand the silence of loneliness in his home. “You can not imagine how it is,” says Davis. You cry a lot. That’s because she’s not here anymore.
So the 94-year-old retired judge decided to set up a swimming pool on his doorstep in Morris, Minnesota and now has so many visitors that his home is never quiet!

The pool, which is 5 meters deep and 10 meters wide, was installed earlier this year, before announcing it to children in the neighborhood in July. Despite having three adult children, Davies has no grandchild, but as someone told him, “You adopted all the children in our neighborhood. These are your grandchildren. ”

Davis does not feel alone anymore, although he likes to enjoy a quiet swim in the rare case when the pool is free, thats all. When Keth Davies’s wife died after 66 years of being together, he could not withstand the silence of loneliness.
So, this former judge, decided to build a pool in his backyard for neighborhood children. Now the 94-year-old’s home is never alone