Man had a plastic surgery at his nose and left him with permanent erection

A man dependent on plastic surgeries gained a permanent erection due to a side effect during a surgery while starring in a documentary. 45-year-old Neven Siganovic, a stylist from Croatia, was in the shooting of a documentary when the reaction to the anesthetic during the operation caused this situation.

“I was in Iran for a rhinoplasty for the needs of the documentary that covers my life,” he said. 45-year-old Neven Siganovic, a stylist from Croatia, was left with a condition called priapismus and causes a permanent erection after an unfortunate reaction to the anesthetic.

The 45-year-old spoke of his anxiety after the rhinoplasty that caused him a permanent erection. The 45 year old was diagnosed with priapism during surgery. If priapismus is not cured within the first 24 hours, it can cause permanent damage to the body.

He himself believed that a plastic on the nose to make a perforated diaphragm would make him stand out in the world. The 45-year-old is addicted to plastic surgeries, having made another 3 rhinoplasty and is full of tattoos. He says he had another surgery to get rid of priapism, but he will not return to his normal life for several months.


Now, the stylist says he is thinking of using non-invasive methods to improve his appearance. He ignores all the criticisms he claims to be more handsome before he starts making all these plastic interventions.