Man gave money to a homeless woman and she instead of buying food she preferred to buy a pet


A true video shows a youtuber giving a homeless woman a bunch of cash. He wanted to see what she would do with so much money, so he followed her and saw that she was bought something he would never expect.Das is a youtuber whose channel is called “K3TV”. There he shows social experiments and real jokes.

This time, instead of organizing a script to get some funny reactions from people, he wanted along with his team to do something good for a woman in financial need, seeing how she would react. When he saw a homeless woman sitting next to a building in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Das went and sat next to her to talk to her.

After a brief conversation, he confirmed that she was actually homeless and discovered that she had a son. Then he took out a huge amount of cash, about $300, and told her that the money was to help her with her son. At first, the woman refused to take them. “I can not take this money,” she said.

“Yes, you can,” Das replied.

“It’s too much money,” she said.

But after Das’s insistence, she eventually accepted it and gave him a hug. Das disappeared from the woman’s field of view, but the camera teamĀ  continued to follow her secretly to see what she would do with the cash. They followed her and she first went to a clothes store, then to a cafe where she bought an ice cream.

They followed her from Santa Monica to a street that did not seem to have anything but an animal shelter.The woman entered the shelter. Das and the crew waited outside 45 minutes when she finally came out with a white puppy in her arms.

Das said to the woman.

“We followed you and we saw you did not go to any clothes store, and … did you finally adopt a dog with the money I gave you? ”

“Yes,” she admitted. “Just … I don’t know. From everything I’ve seen today, it seemed much better … to take care of a dog. ”

“I saw clothes, I saw jewelery, but none of this touched my heart,” she added. This will be my companion, I can talk to, love and embrace it … It does not matter if it will always be there for me …”

“That’s amazing,” Das said, impressed.

Then they decided to take her and go all together to buy food for her new best friend. Das gave her another sum of money, telling her that all he wanted in return was a hug.