Man was found dead with his genitals in a tin can

Three men were finally convicted of imprisonment for the creepy murder of 51-year-old Steven Allford in Malaga, Spain. Allford, who lived homeless in the Spanish city, was found dead on October 21st, 2016 just outside Malaga’s airport, tethered to a bench, with his trousers around his ankles.

Two pieces of ham were placed in his a**s and his testicles were in an open can of tuna. Forensic research had found large amounts of alcohol in his body and attributed his death to aspiration, a suction that he was unable to dodge as he was tied.

The incident shocked the local community, but now 1.5 years later, two Finns (Jussi Petteri Munck and Mika Tapio Soininem) and an Irishman (James O’Byrne) were sentenced to 2 years and 6 months for their crime.

The police arrested O’Byrne, who was finally recognized by a video they had taken. All three of them were also homeless and all seemed to be made for a food-related fight. Allford was in Malaga for a week before his death and did not share his food and alcohol with the other homeless people in the city.

As Santiago Calvo Cervera said: “They did not just tie him to the bench, something Mr. Munck checked that had happened but they even filmed Mr. Allford laughing about his temporary move. They ended up putting a lit cigarette in his mouth, that before had put it in his a**s, and putting his genitals in an empty tuna box.

And then they left him in his fortune, tied and drunk, laughing with his misery. No one knows what the British did in Malaga, but we know he had served prison sentences in France and Spain. The incriminating material was found by the police in Finland on a Facebook private page and handed it over to the authorities of Malaga.