Man earned $ 1,000,000 and died 3 weeks later






The joy and vision of a better future gave their place to despair and finally to the definitive end for the winner of $ 1 million. Fortune games are sometimes able to compose tragic stories that are closer to cinema scripts than real life events.

Such a dramatic case came to light a few days ago when the tragic story of the winner of a Christmas show in the United States was revealed. New Yorker Donald Savastano was so happy when he learned he was the only winner of a lottery draw in New York City, earning $ 1 million.

In his statements in the media, he appeared with modesty and humility, stating that the time had come to look at his future, but fate had different plans.

Only a few days after his victory, he was diagnosed at the final-stage of cancer in the lungs and the brain, and died in a local hospital just 3 weeks later.

Savastano was one of the millions of Americans who remained uninsured and therefore far from any diagnostic or preventive examination, which contributed to the rapid deterioration of his condition, as despite the inconvenience he felt, he was unable to visit physicians for the necessary examination.

Eventually, the 51-year-old man arrived at the hospital, while the money he earned would be taken by his closest relatives.