Man crash with his motorcycle on a car on purpose!

The cases of people who have on purpose accidents, disasters in their own property but also sabotage to reap money from insurance companies are many. Some of these endeavors are so badly enlightened that they are eye catchy.

But the young motorcyclist and his pedestrian friend in Great Britain have surpassed even the most spectacular footballer. A woman was driving her car when she saw a man in front of her with a motorcycle suddenly coming out in front of her, cutting her way and dropping the motorbike onto her vehicle. But that was not enough, the rider made a great dive on the windshield of the car, pretending the wounded.

All the grotesque incident was recorded by the camera of the unfortunate woman’s car, which however showed no willingness to fall victim to fraud. She stepped out of the car and in a bold style told the “wounded” but also to his friend who was accidentally found on the sidewalk, taping the scene: “You stupid, what you did is captured in my car camera.”

The incident happened at the beginning of July and the video went up to inform drivers about the crooks on the streets.