Man clueless of the price of his watch left speechless after learning how much is worth

An old  man had an antique watch for 50 years. He bought the Rolex 1960 GMT Master Model when he was in the armed forces in Germany. His sergeant told him that Rolex is the best watch, so he spent his month’s salary and bought a watch worth $ 120.35.

But years later the Antiques Roadshow exhibition went to his town. He decided to take his watch out of his treasury. The specialist was plaque that the man had managed to keep all the clock accessories, even the proofs, the brochure with the instructions, the certificate and the box! He had changed its strap sometime, but had kept the original one.

So when the time has come to appreciate the value of the watch, the guy has been crying when he heard his watch worth 65,000-70,000 dollars! He did not expect it at all, believing that the watch was old and had no value anymore.

His reaction was invaluable and many internet users were glad for him. Someone commented: “Now take the money and go see the world! You won! ” Someone else was jealous and said, “I wish I had kept my dad’s old watch, it was like this one.