Man who was born without p***s and lost his virginity thanks to a bionic p***s

Andrew Wordell’s anticipation finally came to an end. The 45-year-old man born without a p***s, due to a rare genetic defect, managed to make love for the first time in his life with the help of medical science. The man from Manchester acquired a bionic p***s in a painful and long-lasting surgery that took place at the University Hospital in London.

The surgery lasted for ten hours and the surgeons used muscles, nerves and skin from Andrew’s hand to solve the problem. The pioneering intervention cost about 50,000 pounds and, as it turns out, was highly successful.

The bionic p***s functions as follows: in the groin there is a button that inflates the instrument with normal fluid pumped through a valve placed in its s*****m. The fact that the system is tied to the testicles gives him hope to be able to make a baby, something he deserves.

“It’s fantastic. At last I and the Feds have done it. It is the icing on the cake, “Andrew said to Sun in his first time, while he said he was absolutely delighted with his” ridiculously big “p***s.

After the surgery, the 45-year-old had an erection for ten days, and he had to wait six weeks before he could get sexually with his 28-year-old beloved. Andrew was born with bumps and though he had testicles he did not have a p***s.

His life was particularly difficult as he did all he could to hide his problem from his comrades. Until he ever felt the need to talk about it as he said “I could not go on living a lie”. So she appeared on a TV show and revealed the truth. “There was no other way, so I thought that instead of saying it to everyone, let me say it good to everybody.”

In the past, when his psychology had reached the Nadir, he had attempted suicide, but thanks to early police intervention, he was saved by taking a second chance.