Man was arrested with the help of WhatsApp fingerprint application

South Wales police managed to arrest a drug trafficker by identifying him with the crime of a simple photo of his hand. The prosecuting authorities investigated a group of South Wales criminals and raided the home of one of them, arresting enough to traffic cannabis.

But they also found a series of messages in WhatsApp from a spiral link and in one of them the suspect Elliot Morris had sent and a photograph of his hand holding a series of mysterious tablets to an aspiring client. The spiral was blamed until that time for cannabis trafficking, but the photo also provided indications for more cruel drug trafficking. But they had to prove to whom the hand belonged!

Although there was nothing remarkable in the picture, there were two fingerprints, so the police had something to work on. With an innovative software, they managed to isolate fingerprints and identify them with one of the database.

“Although only a small part of the fingerprint was visible in the photo, the team managed to recognize the individual,” said Dave Thomas of the South Wales Police Station. Elliot Morris was also convicted of drug abuse, as the tablets contained ecstasy tablets.

The Authorities now believe they can secure a series of similar convictions, as fingerprint segments have been in several cases, parts that have hitherto been useless …