Low testosterone can cause serious health problems

A new study by Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor suggests that low testosterone levels – ugandanism – testosterone deficiency or low testosterone, associated with chronic health problems, sexual health and decreased muscle mass in older men may potentially affect younger men possibly due to increased rates of obesity and lack of exercise.

Researchers looked at evidence of hypogonadism in men of all ages.

Of the men in the survey, 2,161 gave information on age, other demographic factors, chronic disease diagnosis, and results of medical examinations, including blood samples, for total testosterone and cardiometabolic risk factors, as well as handshake strength.

Subsequently, the researchers looked at the emergence of chronic diseases such as diabetes 2 arthritis, heart and kidney disease, stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol and depression in these men.

They also studied the incidence of multi-morbidity in 3 age groups (young, middle-aged and elderly).

According to the researchers, low testosterone was associated with
multi-morbidity in all men, but was more apparent in young and elderly people with low testosterone.