He lost his thumb and replaced it with his big toe

The 20-year-old Australian Jacques Mitchell will live with his big toe in place of his thumb. The young man was seriously injured in April while working in a farm in Western Australia. “A bull kicked my hand and knocked on the fence,” he describes the incident himself.

The thumb was cut off by the power of the kick and the 20-year-old and his colleagues tried to save the finger by placing it in a box of ice. The young man was transferred directly to Perth’s hospital, but attempts to save his thumb failed.

The 20-year-old had two interventions to re-place, but they did not succeed. So doctors, as the BBC writes, decided to put his big toe in his thumb. The surgery was done two weeks ago at a Sydney hospital and lasted eight hours.

Mitchell was at the beggining negative. The plastic surgeon who took over the surgery says it was not strange. “It’s a bit crazy idea, the injured do not want to be injured elsewhere in their body,” he explains. “But if you have four strong fingers and you do not have your thumb, you lose a lot of their functionality.”