Longest and weirdest skyscraper!

Skyscrapers for years are the buildings that characterize Manhattan. It is certainly impressive to walk the streets and see all these beautiful buildings touching the sky. This however obsessive tendency for higher and higher buildings has created problems in the urban environment. The solution will come with a curved skyscraper

Architects are looking for solutions thought that instead of trying to build the tallest skyscraper should think to build the longest skyscraper. How is this going to happen; The architecture Oiio company has the solution. They want to create a skyscraper that will make a curve and goes back to the ground and this project is called as, The Bend.

In fact the project is simpler than it sounds. Manufacturers will make essentially two buildings  equally spaced but their roofs will be connected. The offices and spaces inside the curve will have normal inclination, but from the outside will give the impression that they droop.
The architects of Oiio said that the construction of this skyscraper will be a milestone in the field of architecture. Maybe this is finally the future of the construction of skyscrapers.