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After Long Anticipation, Kim Kardashian Reveals First Photo of Saint West!

After a long, tense, and nerve wracking wait, Kim Kardashian has finally decided to ease our pain and warm our hearts with a first photo of the miracle child, Saint West.


We know, we know, your prayers have finally been answered.

Now as opposed to how her first born was announced to the world – after 2 months, on Kris Jenner’s poor excuse of a daytime show – the holy baby was announced on Kim’s private mobile app. No, no, she didn’t introduce Saint as a character in her game app, we mean that other app, you know, the one where people actually pay $ 2.99 to see “behind the scenes” into Kim’s life.


And after buttering up her dedicated fans and making them feel oh-so-special, Kim just went ahead and posted the same photo onto her website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and every possible media outlet she could get her hands on.

So you’ve got to hand it to her, the woman knows how to run a good business! Or at least her social media experts do…