Liver Cancer is No Longer a Death Sentence!

More good news coming out in the year of cancer breakthroughs!

In the Royal Surrey County Hospital, they have found a new and improved way of dealing with liver cancer that, unlike a generation ago, stops it from being a death sentence. Almost half of this hospital’s patients who undergo this operation to remove lover tumors are found to be alive 5 years later.

This breakthrough surgery is due to key developments and innovations that have turned it into a very straightforward procedure. So instead of patients endlessly suffering after surgery, with complications including infections, bleeding, and excruciating pain, they now get to go home within 48-72 hours happy and tumor-free. The doctors also owe this to the developments in powerful chemotherapy that has helped shrink the tumors of those patients considered unfit for this surgery.


Furthermore, this operation is almost “bloodless”; it consists of skeletonising the liver with high frequency ultra-sound waves that preserve the blood vessels. Also, keyhole and 3D techniques are able to remove up to 75% of the tumor with minimal bloodloss. Not to mention that the Anesthetics also have a part in the success, as they are using drugs that aid in minimizing the blood flow during surgery. All these components help make the operation such a success.

The patient’s liver is expected to grow back to normal size within 5 to 6 weeks, and these patients remain monitored with regular blood tests and CT scans to make sure the cancer isn’t back. If, however, it is, the patient is scheduled in for another operation!