A Three Year-Old’s Life Bestowing Death

Earlier this week, a three-year-old girl from Nebraska, Olivia Swedberg, has just passed away from a terminal illness known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, that is according to experts has 0 percent survival rate.

The little girl may have lost her battle against cancer, but she is one great miracle for two families who benefit her donated organs. Her organs would save two other children’s lives, a bond that creates a special connection to the three families.

In May, Olivia, who was branded for her bubbly personality, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Despite the news causing an overwhelming distress to her family, they needed to stay strong for her and live life to the fullest when they still had the time with their angel. Olivia and her family went on a Disney cruise, at the time when Olivia’s general condition was worsening rapidly.

Lauressa Swedberg, Olivia’s mother came to hear about Lucas’ condition when she received an email from someone. “When I was in Orlando, a lady emailed me and said she had been following Lucas’ story and knew he needed a liver transplant,” she said.

Two-year-old boy Lucas lives in the Pittsburgh area and has end-stage liver disease. In a news release, his family spent more than 18 painful months praying for a liver transplant that could save the boy. When they heard about Olivia, they knew at that instant she was the miracle they’d been praying for. Olivia’s family then agreed for a direct organ donation to Lucas.

His mother, Jessica Goeller, said in a report, “You look at those pictures and you look into her eyes and it’s like her soul is coming.” “It takes a very strong person to step out of that and show love for someone like our donor family did,” she continued.

Four-year-old Angelo, who was born with external placement of intestines in the stomach, was another patient who received a bowel transplant thanks to Olivia.

“She is an amazing little girl and we will miss her so terrible, but I know that—I have renewed faith—I have seen God’s hands work in this and how could I not move forward knowing what a miracle she was to these praying families,” Swedberg said.