Lisa Sheridan deeath caused by drug overdose, new evidence come to light

Main cause of her death as evidence came to light, show that the famous actor died from drug overdose, these results came from blood tests.

Liza Sheridan died at age 44, at her home in New Orleans on Monday, February 25, according to her agency director Mitch Klem. As he said earlier:

“We all love Lisa very much and we are saddened by the loss we all feel,” said Clema, adding: “She died Monday morning at her home in her apartment in New Orleans. We await the coroner’s report on the causes of death. Her family has confirmed with all certainty that this is not suicide. Any suspicion to the contrary is absolutely 100% unfounded. ‘

Liza Sheridan was born on December 5, 1974, in Georgia’s Midwest, and graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University. She is known for her involvement in many American productions such as CSI: Miami, Invasion, The 4400 and Halt and Catch Fire. Her last job was her role in the Strange Nature Thriller.