There is a link between Wonder Woman and Disney that few have noticed

The Wonder Woman continues to be on the top of the movie lists and it is striking that few have noticed that there is a direct link between this film and a favorite Disney animated film.

The reason for the film is Little Mermaid with Ariel.
Some had spotted the scene in which Gal Gadot as Princess Diana in the Wonder Woman finds Steve Trevor (Chris Pine embodies him) reminds her of her where the mermaid Ariel finds her beloved on a coast.

And finally, they were right and the Wonder Woman writer, Allan Heinberg, who in an interview with Entertainment Weekly reveals that he really drew inspiration from the story of Disney’s Little Mermaid and explains that both Amazon Diana and Ariel are in fact two women who want and dream to live in the world of people and are preparing to sacrifice a lot for love with a man.