Revealed: Leonardo Dicaprio’s True Feelings About the Oscars

Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar. Jeez, we were seriously about to start a #SaveLeo campaign; after 12 years, 6 nominations, and not one win, this was verging on abuse!

But when he finally won his first Oscar for Best Actor on his movie ‘The Revenant’ the crowd exploded, the internet exploded… but Leo kept his cool. And most surprising of all – yet not that surprising, really – was Leo’s sincere speech that involved none of the overdone ‘thank yous’ people expected, and a lot of the activist and environmental spirit we know he so vividly has.

He first discussed how deeply he feels for this movie and how hard they all worked to complete it, stating that the opening sequence alone required 2 weeks of rehearsals. And when Robin Roberts admiringly stated that Leo’s speech showed he was ‘riding no band wagon’ and that his environmental concern looked sincere, he gave her a sneak peak on what he’d been working on lately. Apparently, as he was filming this movie, he has also been working for the past two years on a documentary involving climate change, interviewing President Obama and scientists, as well as travelling the world to document the real effects of this change. He described climate change as a ‘crazy science fiction movie’ and said that it’s unbelievable but ‘we’re doing it’. He once more urged people to get more involved, saying the world has the capacity to go 100% renewable with existing technology if only we had the political will; after all, our very existence is at stake.

So while you watch Leo’s backstage interview, we shall go right ahead and open up a fan page for him. Because forget that Oscar, this man doesn’t need a shiny, bedazzled dummy to be inspirational!