Legendary Film Producer, Robert Chartoff, Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

Legendary film producer, Robert Chartoff, has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 81, according to reports today.

He was known for his Oscar award-winning films, Rocky, and The Right Stuff, along with other great movies he’d produced during his more than forty years in show business.

Chartoff and Irwin Winkler were both responsible for all the Rocky series, that starred Sylvester Stallone, and has gone on to be enjoyed by generations of film lovers. The Right Stuff had also won four Oscar awards for the legendary producer. It was a film adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s non-fiction novel about those pilots involved in the American post-war experiments with rocket-powered aircraft and the first Project Mercury astronauts under the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program. The film starred Ed Harris and Scott Glenn.

Chartoff was a dedicated career man, continuing to produce remarkable films even in later life.
Ender’s Game was a sci-fi movie that featured Asa Butterfield as the gifted, futuristic child who saved mankind by eradicating an entire alien species. The film also included Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley, in impressive supporting roles, and continued Chartoff’s long career of directing major box-office successes.

His other movie hits were the Martin Scorcese-directed Raging Bull, and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?.

Chartoff is well-remembered for his Oscar speech when he won the award for the film, Rocky, in March, 1977 during the 49th Academy Awards, which will forever be remembered by his fans: “Sylvester Stallone, I’d like to thank you for sharing your dream of “Rocky” with us and for giving a performance that has enriched all our lives. “I’d like to thank John Avildsen for his sensitive direction, Gene Kirkwood for his imagination and energy, and finally, the Academy, who has permitted ‘Rocky,’ a million-to-one underdog, to go the distance tonight. Thank you very much.”

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