Leaked video of Elon Musk’s car on space






Images beyond every logic that resemble science fiction film: Elon Musk’s Tesla Ride in Space! View live video photos. US SpaceX’s US private space player, Elon Musk, launched a successful Falcon Heavy missile on Tuesday night.

The first flight of Falcon Heavy, the world’s largest and most powerful rocket, has as a passenger a space-sucked doll sitting in the position of a Tesla sports driver.

The businessman revealed after launching from the historic Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, that he was out of fear of the outcome of the launch and that he was giving a chance 50-50 on something to go wrong with this first test.






“I felt a great relief. I had in my mind the image of a giant explosion on the platform, a wheel falling from above and rolling alone on the road. But fortunately none of this happened, “he said after the successful launch.

The Falcon Heavy rocket, 70 meters high and featuring 27 propulsion engines, consists essentially of three smaller combined Falcon 9 rockets of SpaceX. It can carry a weight of up to 64 tonnes on a low track, that is, weighing about five two-storey London buses at a cost of $ 90 million per launch.