The last moments before the aircraft crash in Nepal

The chaotic moments of the crash of the aircraft in Nepal, in which 49 people were killed, describe eyewitnesses and survivors of the crash. The aircraft, with 71 passengers, crashed at the time of landing at Kathmandu Airport. Indicative witnesses report that a loud noise was heard and the aircraft was shaking, while those inside were crying.

The causes of the accident remain unknown and the investigation into the case is ongoing. The black box has been retrieved from the debris of the aircraft. It is the worst air disaster that has been happening in Nepal for many years now. According to the BBC, since 1949, when the first aircraft landed in the country, more than 70 aircraft and helicopter drops have been recorded.

The plane crashed had taken off from Dhaka, in Bangladesh.

One of the survivors remembers how fire broke out, but he can not remember how he got out of the plane. “After the crash I was trying to get out of the plane, because it broke out but I could not, my arm and my foot were trapped,” he told the BBC. “I was sitting next to the emergency exit so maybe I went out when I opened it, after that I do not remember anything.”

“We saw a lot of fire from the outside and the cabin filled up smoke. Then there was an explosion. They extinguished the fire and saved us, “describes another survivor.

“Suddenly the airplane began to tremble and a loud noise was heard. I was sitting near the window and I could go out “is the description of another.

“There was a mess, people were running on the aircraft, many ambulances and firefighters. We were all scared that everything was done in front of our eyes, “said a woman who was on another plane at the same airport.

Of the 22 survivors, 11 are from Nepal and 11 from Bangladesh.

It remains unclear what caused the crash. The airline attributes responsibility to air traffic controllers, while the airport administration claims the aircraft landed from the wrong direction.