Kodak is launching its first crypto with blockchain technology






The US photo company Kodak announced at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas that it will also create its own coin currency in cooperation with the British WENN Digital. Immediately after the announcement, Eastman Kodak stocks climbed to the US stock market, showing an increase of up to 120%, as investors saw the company’s initiative.

The new blockchain platform and the KodakCoin coinage, according to the BBC and the Reuters agency, will be exploited to capture the photographers’ rights to their photos and to be compensated for them immediately. The coin will be incorporated into the KodakOne platform for photographers, which the company has already set up to track and protect their copyrights.

The new hideout will make its “debut” on January 31st.

The company also plans, in cooperation with Spotlite, to install a series of machines for extracting the best known Bitcoin cryptography in its headquarters in New York under the Kodak KashMiner program. According to many analysts worldwide, even if Bitcoin turns out to be a bubble, blockchain technology will have a bright future.