“I kissed a girl” For whom Katy Perry wrote this song?

Definitely you’ve heard it, most likely you’ve sang it or even danced with a drink in your hand. So today you will learn the person for whom this particular song was written.


Katy Perry, released in 2008 in ‘One of the Boys’ album, is written for the famous singer and former Disney girl, Miley Cyrus. The song “I kissed a girl (and I liked it)” Miley made her revelation when she was recently invited to a radio show to talk about her new single, Malibu.

The paradox is that when the song was written, not only did not that happen to each other, but actually the two singers were not even known, as Miley Cyrus says, “When Katy released” I kissed a girl ” I was in the filming of Hannah Montana.

One day as I was listening to a radio show to which she was invited, they asked her for which woman she had written this song and she said about me! At that moment I was screaming, but after that, Katy asked me to join Mtv’s Video Music Awards. So we met and became friends. ” She continued by saying: “The other day we realized that we are closing 10 years of friendship! I think she is my longest friend, which is quite strange! “