“I killed Diana because …” – MI5 Intelligence Agent shocking confess shortly before his death

Shortly before he died, Mi5’s former agent, John Hopkins, claimed that he was the princess’s killer with command of the palace!

Some time ago, the doctors learned that his health was very serious and that his life was only a few weeks. The reason for the Mi5 agent, John Hopkins, who, once he learned the unpleasant news, made a series of confessions.

One of them, refers to Princess Diana and her death, confessing he was involved in her murder plan. In particular, the 80-year-old revealed that from 1973 to 1999 he had murdered 23 people. Victims were usually politicians, journalists, activists, etc.

“Diana was the only woman I was asked to kill. It was the only target that the command came directly from the royal family. Diana planned to divorce Prince Charles and the royal family wanted her death at all costs, “he said.