She killed her best friend for a shocking reason!

Rebecca Hannibal revealed she was the one who gave to her best friend, Georgina Bartter, the ecstatic pill that killed her. The two girls had gone to the Harbourlife festival in Sydney, with Rebecca giving her a pile of pills on the festival day on November 14 and Georgina collapsing and dying.

Rebecca was arrested and confessed her guilt recently at the Downing Center Court and will be sentenced on 10th of June. Her lawyer declined to make statements about changing his client’s confession.

Authorities believe Rebecca Hannibal has supplied the pills to 19-year-old Matthew Forti, who denied charges last month. The unfortunate Georgina Bartter was found to have spasms while lying on the floor, suffering from a rare allergic reaction to the pills that her girlfriend gave her.

Staff at St Vincent’s Hospital where she lost her life said she suffered an acute allergic reaction that caused organic deficiency, resulting in her death.