They killed and ate 30 people

The Krasnodar Society in Russia has been shockedd since morning as local media reported a terrible news about the action of a pair of Russian cannibals

According to police sources, a couple was allegedly held responsible for the murder of 30 people. The even more horrible of the case is that they ate their victims, while some of ther victims were kept on their freezer kept for future use.

Although the police believe suspects may be responsible for 30 deaths, police officers investigating the case have identified them as guilty for only seven murders, according to the Mash Telegram TV channel.
Their action is estimated to have started in 1999!

Their terrible acts began to be revealed when the remains of a woman were found in a military dormitory. The incident took place earlier in September and the man was arrested. Later, a cell phone on a street of the city, containing creepy pictures, was discovered.

A man, probably the suspect, is in the pictures posing with the members of a mutilated woman. He initially refused killing her, telling that he found her dead and decided to take out a selfie, but then lost his cell phone.

The search for the shocking case goes on.