Kevin Spacey’s intimate images revealed

17-year-old paparazzi photos with Kevin Spacey and his 20-year-old younger model at Oakland Memorial Park were published in tabloid. They were shot one day before Kevin Spacey won the Best Actress Oscar for his role in American Beauty.

In a  clinic, Kevin Spacey, who was found in the cyclone’s eye after revealing that years ago he sexually attacked a 14-year-old actor.
The famous actor chose the Meadows clinic in Arizona, a clinic chosen by several celebrities who had to fight off their passions like Tiger Woods, El Makkerson, Kate Moss and Selena Gomez.

Spacey will have to pay the clinic every month $ 36,000. Hollywood producer Harvey Wainstein, who is also accused of a series of sexual assaults against women, is said to have chosen this clinic.
Spacey’s representatives have not confirmed the information that the Daily Mail broadcasts and are content with the comment they made last week that “our client takes time to seek treatment.”