Kevin Spacey was sentenced to 5 years for sexual harassment

Accusations for sexual assault were officially recited today by a court in Nantucket to the detriment of American actor Kevin Spacey, who declared innocent while at risk of being imprisoned for 5 years.

Judge Thomas Barrett, of the Nantucket Court in Massachusetts, ruled that the American actor should be senteced to 5 years imprisonment.

The actor, who appeared dressed in a gray suit and tie, said innocent through his lawyers, without himself speaking to the court, as Reuters and the French Agency broadcast and relaying the Athens News Agency.

The judge banned under the restrictive conditions the accused from contacting his or her alleged victim or relatives and ordered the next hearing to be held on 4 March.

Kevin Spacey of the popular TV series House of Cards had asked to be represented by his lawyers, but his request was dismissed by the judge, forcing him to hand this morning to the court.

Formal admission of charges took place 13 months after the lawsuit filed against the famous actor.

The charge of sexual assault against a person over 14 years of age is subject to a five-year prison sentence in Massachusetts.

The young man, who filed the lawsuit, argued that Kevin Fowler, as the real name of the actor is, put his hand repeatedly in his trousers and touched him on July 7, 2016, while the two of them were discussing in a restaurant in Nantucket.

Then, according to his accusations, he urged the alleged victim, who worked as a waiter in the store, to consume alcohol, and the man drank a lot of beer offered by the actor.

Researchers have at their disposal a video that recorded the waiter with his cell phone during the events.

At age 59, the Oscar-winning actor, in a letter to the judge, said he intends to declare innocent.