Kevin Spacey is free of charges

46-year-old actor complained that in 1986, when he was only 14, he had met Kevin Spacey while they were both working on Broadway shows. The 26-year-old then, Kevin Spacey called him at his house for a party. At the end of the evening, he took him in his hands, went to his bed and fell over him. “For years I had not talked about my experience. And I did not talk to Spessi again, “until the latter began to become famous, star of great producers and the annoyance of Anthony Rap reached a point where he could not tolerate that he had gone unpunished.

Since then, there have been more than 30 men who have reported having been victims of sexual harassment by the protagonist of the House of Cards series. In fact, a young man who has filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment with the famous actor and his identity remains unknown, gave more details than the incident to the court hearing the case for what happened in the 2015 Nantucket Bar in Massachusetts.

However, the new evidence revealed in the court seems to weaken the prosecutor’s allegations that Kevin Spezij attacked him in spite of his will. The victim’s dialogues with his girlfriend, as claimed by the actor’s lawyer, give the impression that the flirtation between the accused and the then 18-year-old was consensual.

More specifically, in the messages, the young man writes: “He surrounds me at the bar, asked for my phone and asked me to go out.” The young man then claims that the famous actor “has caught his foot” and “caught his genitals eight times”, as well as “pulled the zipper” and “pulled out his pants”. Another message states: “No, I’m serious. One second. I call my mom. I’m serious. I’m very serious. I swear to everyone. I’m not dizzy. I’m drunk, but I’m not dazed. “

Finally, the lawyers of the famous actor say that the texts seem to start in the middle of the debate and that they do not tell the full story. That is why they have asked the court to investigate, so that all dialogues can be published.