Keanu Reeves warns that the elite of Hollywood drinks blood from babies

Hollywood elite uses baby blood to get high” according to American actor Keanu Reeves, who warns that “these people believe that the more innocent the child and the more he suffered before he died, the higher they reach. ”

“The revelations that come out of Hollywood now, I tell you, are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Keanu Reeves in Milan, Italy, where he presented three motorcycles he designed for a company he founded in 2007.
Explaining that he is trying to build a future that will be free of Hollywood bondage, the star of the John Wick series spoke horrifyingly about Hollywood.

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“Children are respected, placed in prominence, but also tortured, raped, murdered and consumed in a variety of ways. It is a source of money. And it is sad to say that this practice seems to be becoming more open to these circles in recent years. » Keanu Reeves, whose younger sister suffers from leukemia, thinks it’s “unthinkable” that anyone can be so selfish as to ruin a young person’s life for his personal pleasure.

“But that’s the kind of person who runs Hollywood,” said Reeves, who gave 70% of his earnings from the Matrix trilogy to hospitals treating children with cancer. “These people are sociopaths, clean and simple”.
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