Katy Perry advertises cannibalism in her new video clip!

Katy Perry is not a conventional singer. Like many pop stars of her generation, she likes to provoke the world, and her tendency has helped her career a lot, keeping her always in the news.

However, her latest video clip called Bon Appetit, released a few days ago, has garnered some negative feedback, with several internet users saying it is brutish, creepy and very disgusting.

The reason; From the beginning to the end, she includes shots referring to cannibalism, with the singer herself delivering her flesh to knead, marinate and cook a chef before consuming her own victims, inside a pie.

According to the singer, the “meaning” of the song and the clip has to do with the sexual release of women, but many of the singer’s fans rather fail to see the symbolism, expressing their disappointment and their wonder as  they comment.