Kardashian’s video at Instagram caused panic and not for a good reason

Every time Kim Cardassian uploads something to one of the accounts she keeps in social media causes a panic. And this time the same happened, however, it was for the worst possible reason. The story begins last Monday when Kim uploaded a video to Instragram, which adverise some new pieces of Kids Supply, the children’s clothing series released with her husband, Kaney West.

A social media user, however, did not stay in what Kim wanted to show but also in what was on the table behind her and looks like of two lines of cocaine that someone has “broken” in order to use. That was enough! In social media, panic has prevailed.

Even if Kim Cardassian herself even exploits negative advertising, it seems that things were more serious, so she gave her own answer as to what these two lines are, a few hours only after the emergence of the first critical comments. “I’m not playing with rumors like this, so I’ll fool them out quickly. This is sugar from the crap we made with sweets from Dylan’s pastry shop, “she wrote, referring to the store located in New York City.

And the truth is that Kim Cardassian seems to have a strong ally in this case as there are not few pictures that had been released a few hours earlier and showed her inside or outside the well-known pastry shop to enjoy sweets with her daughter .

Finally, it is known that Kim Cardassian generally avoids drinking alcohol, while her sister in an earlier interview has reported that she generally avoids all sorts of abuse.