Johnny Depp looking gaunt and tired. Worries about his health

During the divorce of Johnny Depp‘s with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp resorts to his old friends and co-workers, Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton.

The actor made several excursions to see the former couple in their historic mansion in Oxfordshire, England. The director and his wife have attempted to intervene in the scandal over the charges of abuse imposed on him by Heard, coupled with his admission to drug and alcohol abuse.

Helena and Tim have been very worried about Johnny Depp in recent years – and they have done everything they can to help. Depp filed a $ 50 million lawsuit against his former wife in March 2019 for a letter he wrote to The Washington Post in December 2018 claiming he had been abused by Depp.

Depp claimed that Heard actually physically abused him during their marriage and not the other way round. However, Heard categorically denies this.