Johnny Depp financial and psychological problems

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the eccentric actor was constantly causing trouble shooting the last sequel of the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” as either he was drunk or had a long delay in shooting, leaving hundreds of production workers staying for hours on the deck waiting for him to get ready. At the same time, Depp, who recently said that if he was young again, he would never again become an actor, he faced the courts with the company that handled his property.

Depp filed a lawsuit against The Management Group, claiming $ 25 million, accusing them of cheating, mismanaging his finances, borrowing without his approval, and concealing the costs he did on his behalf. The company also responded with a lawsuit, claiming that the reason the famous actor is at the brink of economic disaster is his unreasonable waste to make a great life, even mentioning some outrageous examples.

An example that the company gave is that he orders wines from all over the world, costing € 30,000 a month. Besides, his ex-wife Abber Heard had recorded his alcohol problem, when he screamed and scolded it without making any sense of it, had been abused by him.

At the same time, according to his advisers, Depp ordered an expensive cannon to fly the ashes of his friend, writer Hunter S. Thompson, over Aspen. Former financial managers of the actor say it cost 2,800,000, he claims it was even more expensive and cost 4,600,000 euros.

His fury about property is proverbial. It has spent 70 million euros on the purchase and renovation of 14 homes, including a tower in southern France and the five apartments in Los Angeles to a farm in Kentucky, while another 5 million have spent on the private island he bought in Bahamas.