John F. Kennedy. The evidence that incriminates Jackie!






On the anniversary of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States 54 years ago, a new conspiracy theory incriminates John Kennedy’s wife by finding “something metallic” in her hand while she is in the presidential limousine. The possible motive? Her husband’s few inappropriate relationships with ethereal women or perhaps his fiery love with Marilyn Monroe?

Although the 24-year-old former mariner, Lee Harvey Oswald, admitted shooting the US president twice from the sixth floor, during enactment, a professional sniper had attempted to do the same, but failed miserably. But Warren commission “Which has been tasked with reaveling the case, has not reached a clear conclusion leaving more unanswered questions.

But could Jackie throw that deadly bullet in Kennedy that sunny autumn morning of 1963? The answer is affirmative if we believe Professor James Fagerger, author of the book Murder In Dealey Plaza, who appears convinced that the president was shot near by, close to contact.

Fetcher does not name Jackie directly, but his analysis is photographing her though. For the American researcher, the radiography of the forensic report showed that the president had been shot at the back, while more than 40 witnesses reported that Kennedy had a great trauma to the back of his head, apparently shot from the front.

But also the researcher and writer, Professor Jim Mars, whose book “Crossfire” was the basis of Oliver Stone’s film for JFK, moves on the same wavelength as Fetcher: “Kennedy was shot in front and not from behind” .The official state line draws mainly its findings from the video “Zapruder film”, which Dallas women’s clothing merchant Abraham Zambronter pulled into “Dealey Plaza” at the time of the presidential car call. The authorities immediately confiscated the video and left no one to watch it until 1975.

When it was finally released, as many have proven, it was clearly “neat”, especially in terms of the behavior of Jackie. In the video, when the carriage comes in, Kennedy appears to have something like he can not breathe. Jackie moves in front of her seat and then turns 90 degrees to look at her husband. The conspirators think that Jackie bends over her husband and raises her hand to his neck when the shot sounds and everything is over.

And then the Jackie, as the conspirators claim, instead of bending over at the time of the shot, climbs on the back of the car and there we can see the “metal thing” appear in her hand…