Joe Manganiello informs us about Batman

With the secede of Ben Affleck the director of the new “Batman” movie and the taking-over by Matt Reeves many  rumors  have been heard for both of the future of the film and Ben Affleck ‘s next step for the the lead roll.

Even at this moment there is no official confirmation on when the movie production will begin or when it is scheduled to come out in theaters. An information had come from Joe Manganiello, who will impersonate Deathstroke. The actor placed the date of shooting at May but the possibility is not to be held.

However, Manganiello put the things in place assuring the public, that the shooting will start when everybody will be satisfied and will be ready to do their best. As said: “I had last year set a date in May because I thought it was going to be raedy at that time . It depends. They have big plans for the movie. Whether we start then, or June or some other time it doesn’t matter.

The creative process must  be respected and nobody by the people that are involved wants a less than a perfect score, an amazing, epic movie. The movie will start when all the pieces are in place and we know that we will be proud of it. We will not squeeze in a date to get something just to get it out. We all want the best movie. no one wants to create a movie that will divide audiences and critics. Dont worry everything will be excellent