JFK will make the speech he would have made to Dallas on the day he was murdered

Thanks to the sound engineers who used 800 speeches and talks of the 35th US president murdered on November 22, 1963 In a unique technological breakthrough, the British Times went on to work with the Irish sound technology company CereProc and Rothco as they managed to create John Kennedy’s voice in order for JFK to “speak” the speech he would make in Dallas in November 1963 when he was murdered in the American city.

To make John Kennedy’s voice heard again, the technicians used excerpts from more than 800 American politicians’ speeches and radio speeches.
They then used the data they analyzed to re-hear the voice of the 35th US president.

John Kennedy was murdered at the age of 46 on November 22, 1963 when he was in a car carrying him with his wife, Jackie Kennedy, the then governor of Texas John Connolly and his wife, Neelie. Kennedy in his speech would refer to the complex world and how the American leadership should respond, but also to the “inevitable” voices that would express the opposition without an alternative.