Jennifer Lopez Pregnant With Alex Rodriguez’s Baby

If the news is that Jennifer Lopez is expecting a child, we are talking about the revelation of the year! This at least supports In Touch magazine, according to which Latina diva is pregnant with Alex Rodriguez’s child.

As he mentions, his 49-year-old singer and baseball star has recently been engaged in Capri, and they have already begun their wedding preparations. This is going to be done in Italy, with 250 guests and is expected to cost – according to the report – about $ 10 million.

Indeed, the superlative couple has already begun to write their wedding vows of love and devotion. Although, as In Touch says, everything has been done very quickly, along with pregnancy, so Rodriguez has not yet given the wedding ring to his beloved.

But it will do so very soon and is set to put a very deep hand in the pocket as the magazine tells you that the ring will be 18 carats and expensive. It is not, therefore, to be seen whether these new rumors of Lopez’s pregnancy are confirmed. Because even a few months ago, another American magazine had backed up the same, but was fanatically defiant.

The couple are together from March 2017. And during this time, their means have separated a few times and so many have married them. Indeed, last winter, reports claimed that Lopez had caught Rodriguez’s lipstick sending messages to his former partner. The famous couple, however, whispered indifferently to the magazines from time to time, enjoying his love.

In fact, along with their children, who have acquired from their previous marriages, they all live together as a family. So, the possibility of formalizing their relationship does not look like scenarios of science fiction.

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