Jeff Bezos won $ 7.7 billion in a week

Another good week for the e-commerce giant, Jeff Bezos. On Wednesday, Amazon’s founder and chief executive officer announced that its premium service has over 100 million members worldwide. The news led to Beezos’ net assets at higher levels. His property, in particular, rose by $ 7.7 billion a week to $ 126.2 billion, according to a list of Forbes billionaires.

Jeff Bezos owns 16% of the e-commerce giant, a share that accounts for 95% of his total assets. The share price rose 5.7% and, as announced by the billionaire, the Amazon Prime service acquired more members in 2017. In fact, Amazon Prime sent more than 5 million products to members of the service in the same year . Bezos further described the company’s goals to continue its upward course:

“People have an irresistible appetite to look for the best, and yesterday’s impressive achievement is fast becoming tomorrow’s usual,” Bezos said, pointing out that for the last eight years, Amazon was first on the US customer satisfaction list. “But how do you remain the first choice for consumers? This is gained on many factors, and high levels of quality in different areas are certainly an important issue.”

Jeff Bezos’s story begins in 1994 when he founded Amazon as an online bookstore in his home garage after he resigned from his hedge fund. In 1997, Amazon entered the stock market with a stock price of $ 18. Next year, Beaulieu joined the list of the richest Americans by expanding Amazon’s non-book products.

The e-commerce giant has since expanded to almost all markets, with last year’s profits of $ 177 billion. Bezos won first place in Forbes’ billionaire list in March, denying Bill Gates.

“Our values ​​and strategy have not changed, we want to become the best customer-centric business in the world, and we understand that this goal is not small or easy,” Beas said. Shareholders, however, believe that Amazon has achieved this challenge.