Jeff Bezos wants to make a colony of heavy industry in space

The billionaire owner of Amazon and Blue Space, Jeff Bezos, has a vision: to transport most of the heavy industry, to other planets, to asteroids and to the Moon, where a large colony will be created while the Earth will remain only as the place of residence and the activities of the light industry.

“Earth is not a good place to do heavy industry. It is currently convenient for us, but in the not so distant future – I’m talking for a few decades, at most 100 years – it will be easier to do in space a lot of things we do today on Earth because we will have a lot of energy available “He said at a conference on space, according to Indepedent.

“We should leave this planet. We are going to let him go and that will make our planet better. We will go and we will come and those who want to stay here will stay, “he added.

Blue Origin, a competitor of Space X by Elon Mask, is willing to work with the US space agency (NASA) and the European (ESA) to create a colony on our moon. That, he said, would be relatively easy, because the moon is not far off, and it also has water reserves, which, among other things, can be used to generate fuel.

In a shorter term, he stressed that his space company’s main goal is to reduce the cost of space travel and, among other things, use ships as rocket launchers. Unlike Mask and Space X, Blue Origin, he said, has no plans to send to Mars but focuses on closest destinations.

Strategic priority, he assured, is his rockets one day to help millions of people live and work outside the Earth. At the same time, he said, almost all the heavy industry will have to be “exterminated” outside of our planet and, instead of fossil fuels, will now work mostly with solar energy.

For all this, he stressed, the first decisive step and the “bridge” for further expansion into space will be the creation of a colony on the Moon, something that the public and the private sector must work together.