Jeff Bezos revealed Blue Moon lunar lander

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man in the world, has shown at a Washington event the natural model of a new, lush, lustrous lunar blue sky, Blue Moon, with which he intends to send people to the Moon by the end of 2024, just like the ambitious and for the many over-optimistic goals of the US Space Agency (NASA) and President Trab. NASA has not yet announced how to achieve this goal and which vessel will choose to re-send people to the moon, so Blue Origin can be a key partner, although there may be other competitors like Lockheed Martin, which last month also revealed he has plans for a new lunar crap. NASA is already deploying the Space Launch Systems (SLS) and the Orion Space Capsule.

Jeff Bezos revealed that his company has been working on Blue Moon for three years now. “It is time to return to the Moon and this time to stay,” said the American entrepreneur, creator of Amazon and Blue Origin, which was founded in 2000 and now employs 2,600 employees. The new manned crew will be the first step for a more permanent lunar presence. Reusable Blue Moon, which is about two-storey high, will be able to carry up to four small robotic rovers and astronauts, as well as moonless satellites. It will be powered by hydrogen, capable of carrying a load of up to 6.5 tonnes and is planned to be launched on a Blue Glenn New Glenn missile under development and expected to be ready in 2021. Before the first manned flight, Blue Moon will be tested on an unmanned mission.

Jeff Bezos among other things, mentioned his ideas for pumping water from the ice deposits to the moon, as well as producing solar energy on the surface. It also presented a vision for the transport of millions of people and many productive activities (even industrial ones) into space, creating large space colonies. Although Jeff Bezos space plans seem to be in line with those of the US president, Donald Trump does not digest the American billionaire, who has furiously called Jeff Bozo, partly because the latter is the owner of The Washington Post, which the American president hates. If Trab is re-elected in the year, 2024 will be the last full year of his second presidency. Besides the Moon,

Jeff Bezos has other space plans. Along with heavyweight missile New Glenn, he is developing a smaller rocket, New Sheppard, for small submarine space travel that will begin this year. Elon Musk, for his part, has focused his attention directly on Mars and has promised that in a few years Space X will send people there – a promise that seems overwhelming. This July, NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic mission “Apollo 11”, with which the first people walked on the Moon.