Jeff Bezos profits more than $ 11 millions per hour!

Within just eight months, Jeff Bezos’ property rose by $ 67 billion, while the colossus he founded in 1994 in his Seattle home garage became the second-largest stock market of one trillion. dollar, after Apple first caught the top.

But how thick is Bezos’s wallet compared to average Amazon workers?

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bees’s estate now exceeds $ 167 billion, and on the basis of simple calculations it is estimated that in the first 250 days of this year it was worth $ 268 million a day, or $ 11,166,000 an hour! Number of inconceivable and about a million times higher than hourly ($ 15) of employees in the stores of the giant online store, according to

Amazon’s average annual wages range from $ 58,000 to $ 146,000, the lowest being $ 26,000, and the highest of $ 360,000, according to PayScale, a provider of wage, allowance and compensation information to major US companies.