Jeff Bezos leaked p***s pictures

The allegations of Jeff Bezos and his wife, Lawrence Sanchez, that their illegal ties began when both were in a relationship with their legitimate half, firmly refutes the coverage of the National Enquirer, the scandalous journal that was set to go to the forum the riches of the richest man in the world!

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The National Enquirer published yesterday in one of his most revealing reports a series of hot messages and highly inappropriate selfies exchanged by the Amazon CEO with the 49-year – and also married – Sanchez in the last year.

The publicity took place just one day after the tycoon announced via Twitter that he was going to divorce his wife, Makenzie Besos, after 25 years of marriage. In his post, Bezos said that after a long period of trial separation, they decided together with his wife to pull separate streets, preserving the love and tenderness they nourish from one another.