Jay-Z and Beyonce Divorce is NOT a Rumor!

There seems to be trouble in the Royal Court of Queen B… turns out the rumors about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s divorce are not rumors at all!

Back in February, when Beyonce coughed up to wanting a divorce at Kelly Roland’s 35th birthday, her mother was quick to blame the blunder on alcohol – because a reputation for alcohol abuse is much more tolerable than divorcing Jay-Z! But as it turns out the 7-year marriage that had everyone envying the Carters, truly is close to an end. Sources say that Beyonce barely ever comes home, now, and that Jay-Z is constantly caught wallowing in a sour mood.


Well, can you blame the guy? He’s been hunted down by media ever since the story of 22 year old Rymir Satterwaithe came into news. Rymir, who’s the spitting image of Jay-Z, claims that Jay-Z is in fact his father; however, neither Jay-Z nor his lawyers seem willing to cooperate with the boy’s claim in court. In fact, when the Family Civil Liberties Union supported the case, they found out that Jay-Z’s lawyers have been withholding essential documents from court!


So while this battle between alleged father and son grows ever more serious, whatever life Jay-Z and Beyonce once had seems to now be coming to an end.

Wonder who the runner up couple for title of “Hollywood Royalty” is… hope they’ve got better luck!