Janet Jackson broke up with her billionaire husband after giving birth to their child!

This are unexpected news, as the couple of Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana just three months before they gave birth to their first child, the little Eissa. Janet believed that her husband was very oppressive during her pregnancy had prevented telling her how to dress and  the way she ought to appear at concerts,” confided a source close to Jackson.

Their relationship had reached such a point, “which had begun to go mad and felt she was losing her fans.” The couple broke up in good conditions and is ready to grow up together their son. The famous singer Tzanet Tzakson, sister of Michael, acquired at the age of 50 her first child with her billionaire husband from Qatar. Jackson had left the United States and lived with Wissam Al Mana in the Middle East had changed habits and began to dress like a Muslim.

She even stopped contacting with her fans on social media, who were really worried of her unexpected disappearance. Her last message on social media was “It’s been a while… But I’m always here to listen to you… I take your love and your prayers … Thank you … I’m fine …… Al Hamdu lillah ».