Jamie Oliver rushed to hospital in critical condition after commiting suicide

On Thursday morning Jamie Oliver the well known chef was rushed to London hospital after commiting suicide. Jamie Oliver will hardly forget about yesterday. When you have to shut down 25 of your own restaurants and leave 1300 people without work, its really difficult to control the disaster.

For all the people who know him, Jamie Oliver is an excellent cook, who is passionate with kitchen, but has never been a good businessman.

Employees only learned about the restaurant closures on Tuesday, with some being visited by KPMG accountants at work, while others heard about the news from an email sent by Oliver.

In the message, Oliver, 43, reportedly shared that he did not make the decision to shutter his businesses lightly.

“I’m absolutely devastated that we have had no choice but to put our much-loved UK restaurants into administration,” he wrote, according to Metro.

“I appreciate how difficult this news is for everyone affected and I want to assure you that i have explored every possible avenue available and exhausted all options over the past months to try and save this business,” he continued. “I have personally invested everything I could to try and turn things around.”