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James Corden Tries Out For Deadpool ’s Sidekick Role!

So, unless you’ve been crouching under a rock or chilling in the Amazons lately, you must’ve heard of the new Deadpool movie that’s taken the world by storm. But as far as superheroes go… Deadpool’s not quite typical, starting with the fact that he has no sidekick.

James Corden decided to remedy that by pitching the wackiest sidekick ideas to Ryan Reynolds. In a new skit from The Late Late Show with James Corden, Reynolds is subject to an unsolicited audition from Corden to be Deadpool’s sidekick.

First, there was Iceman, Next up, Strawberry Short Fuse (we’re not sure the bad guys will buy this one dude).Then there was a clam costume, a Potato Man and a Magic Clown of sorts.

Sadly, Reynolds quickly dismissed all eight options as “awful,” but the reigning box office king offered up one idea to comfort a distraught Corden: “Double Deadpool.”

Check out the funny sketch for a good laugh!