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Jackie Collins Dies

Jackie Collins on Writing, Hollywood, Sex, Scandals, and Life

Jackie Collins, a novelist, died on Saturday. She died at age 77 after succumbing to breast cancer.

A statement that announced her death was released by her family.

“It is with great sadness that we state the death of our beautiful and kind mother who succumbed to cancer today,” an announcement released to People Magazine, stated.

The family announced that Jack Collins had lived a wonderful life, adored by her family, friends and millions of readers who had been getting entertainment from her work for over forty years. Jack Collins was not only a true inspiration to women in fiction but also a creative force.

Melody Koenbrot, Collins spokesman, said that she died in Los Angeles.

Joan, older sister, learnt of Jackie’s sickness within the last few weeks. She said that she was completely devastated by her death.

The 82-year old actress reported to the People magazine: “Jackie was my best friend.”

Jackie was diagnosed with cancer some six years ago. However, she decided to keep her sickness from the public.

She published her first novel in the late 1960s. By 1970s, she had put out several novels. However, she only became a celebrity after writing the “Hollywood Wives.”

During her life, Jackie wrote a total of 32 novels. All of them have found their way to The New York bestsellers list. She got an OBE reward in 2013.

The writer was active on social media. Just two days ago, she twitted her enthusiasm ahead of the Emmy awards. The award was to take place in America tonight.

Collins’ friends mourned also mourned her death on twitter. Sharon Osbourne, a TV personality twitted her picture and wrote: “I am stunned and devastated at Collins’ death. Adored and respected her. Prayers and thoughts go out to her family.”

Collins has left three daughters and six grandchildren.

Private memorials are expected to be held in US and UK.